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Don’t expect this feature for upcoming SIFU DLC

Don’t expect this feature for upcoming SIFU DLC

After its launch this February, SIFU is making a name for itself as a deeply challenging yet rewarding game. Developed by French studio Sloclap, SIFU is about a young martial artist seeking revenge against the assassins that killed his family. While its plot is certainly ubiquitous, its game mechanics are anything but. Check it out:


SIFU is so challenging that it has been compared toSekiro Online. Despite its difficulty, critics and players have praised the game’s intelligent approach to combat, such that fans have been clamoring for more content. This has led to Sloclap announcing that they will be producing a DLC for SIFU in the future. Hopefully, sooner than later.

That said, there is one feature that won’t ever be added to the game. Sloclap has insisted that SIFU will remain a single-player game. Sloclap marketing manager Félix Garczynski, stated that the company will “focus on creating an immersive and distinctive single-player experience." 

It’s understandable for players to want multiplayer. SIFU requires intense practice to learn its fighting mechanics, so naturally, they would want to try their newfound skills against other players. Unfortunately, multiplayer fans will have to look elsewhere to test their virtual kung-fu prowess.

As for Sloclap, not having multiplayer won’t pose much of a problem. SIFU’s positive ratings (currently 80% at Metacritic) show that players do appreciate a single-player experience with a focus on the narrative and a specific combat experience. Adding multiplayer to the mix will likely change the identity of the game and detract from its focus. 

That said, Sloclap has yet to clarify what SIFU’s DLC would contain. We’re just going to have to wait and see.



SIFU is out now for the PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Get a cheap SIFU code from our comparator today.

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