Shadowlands update 9.2 is coming in the next few weeks

Shadowlands update 9.2 is coming in the next few weeks

Blizzard is not going through its best times. A recent lawsuit against the company has repercussions at all levels, but the huge number of players leaving World of Warcraft seems to be even more of a problem for them. Players consider that they are spacing too much the release of additional content, and the formula of keeping them busy by making them grind reputation with a particular faction does not seem to be working quite well lately. Shadowlands has been like a trip on a rollercoaster for most players, with excellent moments after launch but a level of excitement that goes down after a rather short while. That's why most World of Warcraft players were eagerly expecting yesterday's announcement, where Blizzard would reveal the changes upcoming to the game in the 9.2 update, Eternity's End.

What's in patch 9.2?

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands patch 9.2, Eternity's End, will feature a new zone Zereth Mortis, the place where the First Ones created the Shadowlands. There, they will fight against new types of creatures and complete missions to unlock access to the Sepulcher of the First Ones, the new raid zone in the game. Players will need to prepare for the final fight against the Jailer, which will be the culmination of this expansion. Eternity's End will also bring back the class-based armor tier sets to the game, which have been missing for a while. Those that prefer other types of challenges will be able to take part in a new PvP season, and Tazavesh dungeon will be added to the list of Mythic+ dungeons split in two different wings. On top of that, players can expect to find new missions, new mounts, cosmetic items, and more.



Eternity's End will keep World of Warcraft players busy for a while, and it will probably make a lot of players return to the game. But it won't be too long before those same players are demanding more content. We hope that Blizzard has the announcement of the next expansion ready, or it may find itself in a more significant problem once Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker and Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansions become available.

If you are yet to visit the Shadowlands, this could be a good moment as you should have enough time to level up your character and explore all the content before update 9.2 arrives. Make sure to visit our comparator to find World of Warcraft: Shadowlands at the best price.

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  • Release date : November 23, 2004
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