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Burning Crusade Classic will launch in June

Burning Crusade Classic will launch in June

World of Warcraft Classic has been a huge success. Quite a few players are having fun in the old version of Blizzard's MMORPG. There are many old players that have returned to the game after abandoning it at some point and also players that are not satisfied with the current retail version. Latest Shadowlands content patch was released a while ago and it looks like 9.1 will take a while, so there are many players that are looking for something to do in the game. World of Warcraft Classic is a perfect option, especially now that its first expansion is around the corner. The Burning Crusade expansion is finally coming to World of Warcraft Classic on June 1st.

In Burning Crusade Classic, players will travel through The Dark Portal in order to reach Outland and stop a demon invasion. New lands to explore, enemies to fight, races, professions, and plenty of quests will be available again very soon, bringing back all the content of one of the most cherished expansions in the story of World of Warcraft. 



But it seems that no video game launches without a bit of drama. The launch of Burning Crusade Classic will be preceded by a patch. On May 18 players will have to choose if their characters have access to the expansion or they get moved to some new servers that will be permanently locked on the original version of World of Warcraft Classic. The problem is that you can't choose both things for one character. It's possible to clone a character to use it on both servers but you have to pay for it, and there are quite a few players that are already complaining about that. 

World of Warcraft Classic is free for all those that have an active World of Warcraft subscription, and there are quite many players that want to have the best of both worlds when Burning Crusade Classic is available. Unless Blizzard changes its mind they will have to level up another character or pay to get their favorite one cloned in the new server.

  • Official website : World of Warcraft
  • Categories : Mmorpg
  • Editor : Blizzard Entertainment
  • Developer : Blizzard Entertainment
  • Mode(s) : Multiplayer
  • Release date : November 23, 2004
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