Shadowlands is the fastest-selling PC game

Shadowlands is the fastest-selling PC game

Despite being quite a long-lived game, World of Warcraft maintains the first place in the list of most popular MMORPGs and it seems that it will continue like that for another whole year. Blizzard has managed to find the perfect formula to keep the interest of the fans high and most of the players that leave the game for one reason or another seem to come back when a new expansion is released. It seems that with every expansion the game attracts even more players as proven by the huge number of copies of Shadowlands that were sold as of its first day of release, with more than 3.7 million. That would make Shadowlands the fastest-selling PC game of all time industry-wide, surpassing by a good margin the previous record that was held by Diablo 3.

Of course, such a huge influx of players caused some troubles on the most populated servers for a few days when Shadowlands was released, but queues are almost not existent now that players have got accustomed to the progress through the expansion. Shadowlands follows the same formula as its predecessors, with content that gets unlocked progressively. Mythic+ dungeons and Raids were not available at launch, but they arrive to the game today. Players will be able to get more powerful loot from the dungeons to prepare themselves for the assault to Castle Nathria. The opening of the new raid also marks the start of the race to be the world-first guild to complete it, which is also another source of interest for the fans drives the World of Warcraft community forward.



With such an impressive number of sales and so many players brimming with enthusiasm due to the novelties the future looks quite promising for Shadowlands. Although the number of players will naturally decay when all of the content is released and everything has been discovered in the expansion, we are sure that Blizzard will have more content ready for World of Warcraft by then.

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