Shadowlands pre-launch event has started in World of Warcraft

Shadowlands pre-launch event has started in World of Warcraft

After the initial delay, the release of the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft is finally getting closer. Shadowlands pre-patch has been available for a while now, and as part of it, players have been able to enjoy the new leveling system, plenty of changes to each of the class specializations in the game, and quite a few novelties. Those additions have contributed to making the leveling process in the game much faster and plenty of players have several characters ready for the release of Shadowlands already. 

But a new event has started in World of Warcraft today. As it was announced, undead minions have started to invade the lands around Icecrown Citadel as a result of Sylvanas' actions, and you can join forces with the knights of the Argent Crusade to stop them and gain several rewards for your efforts. You can complete several daily quests to earn currency that will let you buy a brand new set of armor from a special vendor. The undead you kill while completing your missions can drop items that you can also trade for more currency, and every 20 minutes a rare mob that can drop armor pieces and other items will spawn in the area. The pieces are item level 100 and will be quite useful to gear up your alters ahead of the expansion. Also, you can travel to the Plaguelands and confront Nathanos Blightcaller, who will drop an item level 115 weapon for you.



This event should be the last one taking place in World of Warcraft before the launch of Shadowlands, which is scheduled for November 24. The expansion will bring a whole new continent to explore as well as plenty of other new features, including the Covenant system that will let you align yourself with one of the factions present in Shadowlands for extra abilities and rewards. You can find the best price to buy the expansion through our comparator anytime.


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