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Returnal coming to PC, new evidence suggests

Returnal coming to PC, new evidence suggests

It looks like Returnal won’t be a PS5-exclusive for long as recent evidence shows that Housemargue’s horror rogue-lite shooter is headed to the PC. If so, the game will follow the footsteps of other successful PC ports such as God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and eventually, The Last of Us Part 1



Hardly a secret

A Returnal PC port has been hinted at a few times these past few months. Back in May, a SteamDB listing appeared called Tower of Sisyphus, a direct reference to a section of the game. It was since renamed Oregon in July, but the tags still refer to a single-player sci-fi bullet hell rogue-lite with a female protagonist—hardly Oregon material. 

The final clue arrived a few days ago, during a GDC talk on VFX held by Housemarque developers Risto Jankkila and Sharman Jagadeesan. It was here that eagle-eyed Alex Battaglia of Digital Foundry spotted a few incriminating details, as shown below.


A matter of when

In short, the clip showed Returnal running on the PC with a debug readout. The debug mode even featured telling details like dynamic resolution and keyboard and mouse bindings. So while this isn’t definitive proof that Sony will release a Returnal PC port, a PC version does exist and it’s likely we may see a full version in a handful of months, not years. Plus, it makes sense, given Sony’s incredible financial success with expanding to a different platform. Not porting Returnal is leaving money on the table.

Since there’s no formal announcement yet, we will have to wait while keeping an eye on “Oregon” for updates. Till then, if you haven’t played this amazing game yet, you can grab a Returnal PS5 key cheap from our comparator.


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