Returnal will have a co-operative mode

Returnal will have a co-operative mode

Yesterday's State of Play was highly anticipated by many players that were expecting to have news about the upcoming novelties for Sony's consoles. The event did not disappoint, and we could watch footage of several new games, including several RPGs from Square Enix, a new arena battler inspired by the Gundam anime series, a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fighting game, and more. But we could also watch the announcement of interesting updates for games that are already available on PlayStation consoles, like Returnal.

The third-person shooter roguelike adventure created by Housemarque offers players an exciting experience in an alien world under the effect of a time loop. Awesome graphics, endless replayability, and an ever-changing experience full of action are the foundations of a surprisingly addictive game exclusive to PlayStation 5. Yesterday's State of Play video revealed several novelties coming to Returnal via a free update later this month.


Returnal: Ascension

Returnal will be getting a huge 3.0 update that will introduce several new features, including a survival mode and co-op gameplay. The developers have commented on both features in a press release: 


"Returnal Ascension adds Co-op Mode, allowing you to share your entire journey through the shifting labyrinth of Atropos with another player. "

"This update also adds The Tower of Sisyphus – accessible as long as you've unlocked the Icarian Grapnel. It's an ascending gauntlet of increasingly dangerous phases, with each containing twenty floors. Upon entry, eliminate all the enemies on each floor and secure your passage to the next one up. Just be ready for what you might encounter within…"


Although we would love to know more details about how the co-op gameplay will work in Returnal, both additions will enrich the game experience. That said, the Ascension update is scheduled for March 22 on PlayStation 5, so you won't have to wait much longer to try it by yourself. If you have not discovered this thrilling shooter, you can visit our comparator to get your Returnal PS5 code at the best price.

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