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PC game releases for the week include Fade to Silence and others

PC game releases for the week include Fade to Silence and others

This week’s PC games releases span across several genres. Some of the games you have been waiting for some time are finally releasing this week (April 29 – May 5, 2019). Close to the Sun , full of mystery and horror, Fade to Silence, with its mix of action and survival in an ice-frozen world, Mordhau, where you fight with knights, Rise of Industry , that lets you build an empire, and Starlink: Battle for Atlas, which is a space adventure. That’s a lot of genres covered in one week! Let’s talk a bit about each of them:

Fade to Silence




Developed by Black Forest Games and published by THQ Nordic Games, the title will be out today, April 30, 2019. Fade to Silence is a survival RPG where players will fight against death at every turn. It can come at you in the form of extreme cold, hunger, or the Eldtrich beings lurking in the dark. You will play as Ash, the leader of a group of survivors trying to make it through the harsh post-apocalyptic winter in a frozen wasteland. You will need to put your wits and survival skills to the best use while you craft new items, recruit followers, repair and construct buildings in your camp, and establish gathering points through the map.  

Starlink: Battle for Atlas




Developed and published by Ubisoft, Starlink: Battle for Atlas is also coming out today. It was released last year for Xbox One and PS4, but the PC version is just rolling out this week. In this action-adventure videogame, you will have to explore the Atlas system in search for a crew that will help you to fight against the Forgotten Legion and rescue the captain of your mothership, the Equinox, that has been taken hostage by them. With ground and spaceship based combat and lots of worlds to explore, Starlink most notable feature is that players can buy real toys which can then be used in the game to modify your spaceship.  

Close to the Sun



With a combination of puzzles, exploration, horror, and mystery, Close to the Sun is an adventure that takes you to an alternate version of our world where Nikola Tesla's visions have given birth to the Helios, a colossal ship that serves as haven for the greatest scientific minds. This utopic place for research established free of the control of any government is the perfect place to push boundaries. But that may have become an issue because when the journalist Rose Archer arrives at the place looking for her sister Ada, she finds a seemingly desert ship that reeks of putrid flesh. She will have to search for her missing sister and investigate to find out what happened on board the Helios. Developed by Storm in a Teacup and published by Wired Productions, the title will release on May 2nd, 2019.  





Mordhau is a multiplayer medieval hack and slash game that is played in third-person view. It features massive battles and a skill-based combat system that will allow you to develop your own fighting style. With endless customization options, plenty of weapons at your disposal, and varied and visceral combat, Mordhau will make you feel the adrenaline of a good medieval battle and fight to your heart´s content. It´s already available on Steam.  

Rise of Industry



This game is a strategic tycoon game that takes you to the early 20th century to build and manage a growing industrial empire. It features both scenarios and a sandbox mode where you will have to use your creativity to build your business from scratch and attend to the demands of the neighboring towns. Manage the harvesting, research, manufacturing, transportation, and trade of products in this simulator that will deliver endless hours of fun for the fans of the genre. Rise of Industry is in Early Access right now, but the game is set for a launch on May 2nd.     With this briefing, you have now an idea of what games are coming this week. Which ones are you playing is totally up to you, but you can find more news about what happens in the world of videogames in DLCompare.

  • Official website : Fade to Silence
  • Categories : Role-Playing
  • Editor : THQ Nordic
  • Developer : Black Forest Games
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer, Co-op
  • Release date : April 30, 2019
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