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PAYDAY 3 fixes its matchmaking problems

PAYDAY 3 fixes its matchmaking problems

Despite the developer having tried to avoid all problems during the launch of PAYDAY 3, Starbreeze Studios has not managed to release the game properly. Most players have experienced a lot of problems with matchmaking since it was released, which is disastrous for a cooperative multiplayer game. The game's servers couldn't offer a stable experience to those wanting to join other real players in a heist. This has caused a huge concern in a community that was eagerly awaiting the new installment in their favorite series.

Everything is OK now

PAYDAY 3 features new mechanics and gameplay improvements that contribute to delivering an experience that is more immersive and exciting. Hostage negotiation, a new and enhanced stealth system, and a modern take on heists are just some of the novelties that the game includes. Fans loved them during the beta, and everyone anticipated a great launch, but it wasn't like that. Fortunately, Starbreeze Studios has confirmed that the problems are solved now, and all PAYDAY 3 players should be able to enjoy the game to their hearts' content.

"The scheduled maintenance carried out last week has fixed the initial matchmaking issues that occurred during PAYDAY 3’s first few days after launch. Matchmaking has been stable and has had good performance after the completed maintenance."

Now that the game works correctly, the studio is able to resume its agenda and focus on releasing all the quality-of-life improvements that it has planned for PAYDAY 3. These should start arriving very soon according to the official website, with a huge patch that will include more than 200 improvements that will be released sometime this month.



If you already own PAYDAY 3 you can safely play alongside other players without a concern already. If you were waiting for the matchmaking problems to be fixed, it's time to use our comparator to check out the best deals on PAYDAY 3 PC keys with our comparator and get ready for some action.

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