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Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 Event Goes Live

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 Event Goes Live

October just got spookier with Overwatch’s annual Halloween celebration, and there’s a lot to rejoice about. The Halloween Terror Event features not only the return of fan-favorite PvE Junkenstein’s Revenge but spices things up with all new skins and cosmetics. 

Lasting from October 12 to November 2, Overwatch players will get the chance to unlock five Legendary Skins and three Epic skins. They can also get classic skins from the previous Halloween event, including Mercy’s witch skin, for a limited time.



Here are the Legendary skins up for grabs in this event:

  • Vampire Hunter Brigitte - the young Swede trades in her auburn hair for a pale white mane and her uniform for a gothic costume. Her mace now resembles a possessed lamp.
  • Draugr Reinhardt - named after an undead warrior from Norse mythology, Reinhardt wears enormous dark armor, a skull face, and a pair of glowing blue eyes.
  • Satyr Lucio - Lucio appears ready to rock in his demonic half-man, half-goat get-up
  • Coffin Bastion - what’s more terrifying than being shot by a black coffin-tank hybrid?
  • Vampire Bat Echo - her black and red costume is sharp angles and sports a container of blood.



Also on offer are these Epic skins, which can be unlocked after getting specific achievements. You can unlock one skin each week.

  • Skeleton Genji - Available on Week 1
  • Einherjar Zarya - Available on Week 2
  • Clown Roadhog - Available on Week 3



You can gain rewards through reaching these achievements:

  • Play 9 games - unlock an Icon
  • Play 18 games - unlock a Spray
  • Play 27 games - unlock an Epic Skin



Note that a win counts as two games played.

Finally, the scary PvE Junkenstein’s Revenge makes its long-awaited return. Players go through escalating difficulty levels as they fight swarms of Zomnics and other creatures that Dr. Junkenstein has unleashed.  

If you have yet to join the game itself, take a look at our prices for Overwatch so you can join the scares and fun at the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021. 



  • Official website : Overwatch
  • Categories : Action , First-Person Shooter
  • Editor : Blizzard Entertainment
  • Developer : Blizzard Entertainment
  • Mode(s) : Multiplayer, Co-op
  • Release date : May 24, 2016
  •     Switch : October 15, 2019
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