Overwatch 2 Reworks Sombra

Overwatch 2 Reworks Sombra

As expected, Overwatch 2 will be making a few changes to the mechanics of its characters, and now we’re getting a glimpse of how much of a rework is being done. Blizzard recently gave a sneak peek at the changes for Sombra. Have a look at the following video, courtesy of PlayOverwatch.



Hacking the Hacker

By and large, Sombra is getting a massive buff as a Damage hero. 

The first major change is the duration of her Hack ability. Its cooldown has been shorted from 8 seconds to merely 3. Meanwhile, the effects of the Hack have been lengthened to 8. 

Those 8 seconds may well be fatal for the poor target because, for the duration of the Hack, they take a massive 50% more damage than normal and can be seen through walls by Sombra’s entire team. 

Of course, it can’t be all good for the hacker’s fans. Sombra’s annoying ability lock will now last only 1 second instead of 5, and the duration for hacked health packs has been reduced from 60 seconds to only 30. 

As for her Stealth, Sombra’s detection radius has been doubled from 2 to 4 meters, but her fade-in time has been reduced by 50%. On the other hand, Sombra can now Hack enemies even while in Stealth, although she will be visible for a short while when she does this.

Yet another significant change has to do with Sombra’s ultimate. The rework takes away her EMP’s ability to affect enemy shields. Instead, it can now deal 40% damage to enemies. 

Finally, Sombra’s machine pistol has been rebalanced as well. Its damage has been reduced from 8 to 7, but its spread has also been reduced by 20% to make it more accurate. Her Translocator ability, which allows her to teleport to where her beacon is located, will remain untouched. 

Sombra also gets a new skin, as shown here.



It sounds like Sombra’s rework can potentially tilt a game in her team’s favor by helping other heroes deal tremendous damage, though it remains to be seen how well it synergizes with other heroes’ reworks.  

Overwatch 2’s release date is yet to be announced, but you can watch for price comparisons for Overwatch 2 right now. We’ll keep you posted with more Overwatch 2 developments as they come.


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