Overwatch crossplay beta is live

Overwatch crossplay beta is live

Crossplay has finally arrived to Blizzard's competitive first-person shooter Overwatch. The new feature was announced a while ago but players are finally able to give it a try even if it's only in a beta phase. All Overwatch players can try it for free right now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch, and they can compete against each other no matter what platform they are using. If you are playing on consoles, you will need to create a Battle.net account and link your console account to it. If you are playing on PC, you already have a Battle.net account, so you don't need to do anything.



Keep in mind that progression does not carry over between systems. Therefore, if you intend to play Overwatch on different systems, your progress will be different in each of them. The only change that crossplay brings to the game is that you will now be able to play with people that are using a platform different than yours.  

But there is one more thing that you can try during the next few days in Overwatch. Blizzard has launched Ashe's Deadlock Challenge today too. Players can earn several rewards by playing games in Quick Play, Competitive, and Arcade modes. It will take a bit of time to unlock everything, but you can get an icon at 9 games, a spray at 18, and the epic Deathlock Ashe skin at 27 games. You have until July 5 to get your rewards, and it's likely that the crossplay beta will be running until then too.



All Overwatch players are keeping an eye on the release of Overwatch 2, but until Blizzard decides to release it, they will surely continue to have fun in the original game. There are still many doubts about what kind of impact the sequel will have, but most of the players will probably move to the newest game as soon as it's available, as it usually happens in similar cases.

  • Official website : Overwatch
  • Categories : Action , First-Person Shooter
  • Editor : Blizzard Entertainment
  • Developer : Blizzard Entertainment
  • Mode(s) : Multiplayer, Co-op
  • Release date : May 24, 2016
  •     Switch : October 15, 2019
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