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Nobody Saves the World is getting new content in an expansion

Nobody Saves the World is getting new content in an expansion

It would seem that Nobody Saves the World is yet another simple and unexciting top-down action RPG that uses funny visuals and a hilarious plot to entice players, but that would be far from the truth. Drinkbox Studios' creation features plenty of interesting mechanics that turn it into a masterpiece that has found a suitable response from the fans of the genre. 



The possibility of switching between several forms, each of them with different abilities that you can unlock and improve through the game, takes the gameplay to a whole new level of complexity. It turns Nobody Saves the World into a challenging and fun experience that dares you to find the most appropriate use for each of your forms. The passive abilities granted by these forms, open different exploration methods that progressively unlock a huge map and plenty of locations to discover as the story advances.

Overall, Nobody Saves the World is a game that we recommend to anyone looking to immerse in an exciting adventure, but developer Drinkbox Studios is looking to expand it with new content. We had the opportunity of watching the announcement of its new expansion last week during Gamescom 2022. It was a grateful surprise to see that the studio still has a lot of original ideas to expand the game with new mechanics and more.



Frozen Heart will feature new forms for Nobody to pick along with new skills that open a new range of combinations. The Bee uses a deadly stinger to stab and poison its enemies while the Mechanic can deploy turrets and other gadgets to overwhelm his enemies. The expansion also includes the new Trials of Tempering, a series of unique challenges that will put your skill to the test, and also mini-golf for those looking for a different type of experience.

The Frozen Heart DLC will launch on September 13th for PC and Nintendo Switch and it will be the perfect addition to take the game to the next level As usual, you can find the best video game deals and a Nobody Saves the World PC key with our comparator if you are yet to discover this adventure.

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