Nobody Saves the World lands on Switch and PlayStation this month

Nobody Saves the World lands on Switch and PlayStation this month

Nobody Saves the World is a crazy action RPG where you play as a character who is able to shapeshift into many forms. Each of those forms has different abilities, and only by mastering and combining them will you be able to stop the Calamity from spreading corruption across the land. In the game, you are Nobody, a hollow-eyed character that manages to steal the wand of the legendary wizard Nostramagus and embarks on an epic journey to defeat the Calamity. The story is not exactly the strong point of Nobody Saves the World, but it's good enough to give you an excuse to explore a sprawling and wacky world full of strange people, dangerous creatures, and puzzles.

Nobody can unlock fifteen different forms, visit a wide variety of scenarios and fight against creatures corrupted by the Calamity and powerful bosses. You can combine the abilities granted by these forms to create your own gameplay style and adapt to every situation you face in the game. Overall, Nobody Saves the World delivers an exciting experience accompanied by lots of humor, eye-catching graphics, and unique characters.


There is life beyond PC and Xbox

So far, Nobody Saves the World is only available on PC and Xbox, but it will arrive for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch very soon. Developer Drinkbox Studios has confirmed that the game will launch on these platforms on April 14, 2022. The new versions of the game will take advantage of the capabilities of the respective consoles and will feature local coop mode. Nobody Saves the World will also feature cross-gen multiplayer on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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