Metroid Dread has three new modes

Metroid Dread has three new modes

Back in February, Nintendo announced that Metroid Dread would be getting new Boss Rush Modes and yesterday's free updates brought three of them. The new gameplay modes pit Samus Aran against some of the bosses in the game, one after another. Each of them is a challenging encounter with multiple phases, and Samus will have a hard time defeating her enemies. Her missiles are restored between fights, but the damage suffered carries over. As a result, you will need to aim for an execution as flawless as possible if you want to claim victory on the new Boss Rush Modes.

Three different experiences

Each of the new modes offers a slightly different experience. Standard Mode follows the mechanics described above, and in each battle you can get an increased number of missiles and bombs depending on your performance. Survival Mode is a timed challenge where you try to defeat as many bosses as possible before a timer runs out. Missiles and bombs are not replenished between bosses in this mode, but you will get some extra time each time you defeat a boss with bonus time if you manage to do it without taking any damage. Finally, Dread Rush Mode is the most difficultg experience of all of them, as it dares you to take on all of the 12 bosses in Metroid Dread, but any hit you take means instant death.



As you can see, the new Boss modes are designed for those players looking for a more demanding activity in Metroid Dread. The latest installment in the Metroid series is a new type of experience where Samus Aran explores a ZDR labyrinth full of hostile EMMI robots that are almost invulnerable to your attacks. The game adds stealth mechanics to the usual action-platformer gameplay style of other Metroid titles. If you are yet to discover it, your Metroid Dread Nintendo Switch code is available at the best price on our comparator.

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