Try Metroid Dread for free before buying

Try Metroid Dread for free before buying

The huge popularity of the Metroid video game series and its protagonist Samus Aran are enough to grant the success of Metroid Dread. The new game was recently released for Nintendo Switch. It has had a very warm welcome from the players, who are already exploring every nook and cranny of the remote Planet ZDR looking for a way of getting rid of a dangerous parasite known as X. 

Metroid Dread is a side-scrolling action game that features the kind of gameplay that all the fans love. The game adds a new strategic element that comes in the form of nasty EMMI robots that will chase Samus. They can only be defeated by shooting their core when they are about to use a powerful attack. This new mechanic makes Metroid Dread gampeplay quite exciting and keeps players on the edge at all times. It has rapidly become one of the most interesting features of the game.



If you are a fan of Metroid, you probably are already playing Metroid Dread, but if you don't own the game yet and want to try it before buying, Nintendo has launched a demo that allows you to do it for free. 


"This Halloween, suit up as Samus Aran and see what goes bump in the night on planet ZDR with a fun-sized bite of the Metroid™ Dread game. Download the free demo now from or Nintendo eShop on your device!

Experience the eerie isolation of a remote alien world, face a relentless mechanical menace, and power your way through a section of what Shacknews calls "a sci-fi blast of brilliance that fans and newcomers alike will more than likely enjoy."


You won't have access to the full game, of course, but the demo offers you more than enough content to figure out if Metroid Dread is for you. If you decide that you like the game, we highly recommend you to compare game prices on our website to buy Metroid Dread cheap after you are done with the demo.

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