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Metroid Dread brings the conclusion of the original story arc

Metroid Dread brings the conclusion of the original story arc

It's been 35 years already since Samus Aran and the Metroids entered our lives for the first time. The seemingly invincible bounty hunter clad in a powerful exoskeleton has since survived to an endless number of fights across the darkest and most sinister planets of the galaxy, facing dreadful enemies of all kinds. Despite being a favorite of the fans, the Metroid series has been on a hiatus for quite a long time, especially when it comes to the main storyline. Metroid Fusion was released almost 20 years ago, and we have been wondering about the destiny of its protagonist since then. The recent announcement of Metroid Dread at E3 2021 caught all of us by surprise though, and it seems that it will bring back the series to its origins, also bringing the conclusion of a story that started decades ago with the first Metroid game.



Metroid Dread offers us frenetic platform action in 2D that reminisces of the original gameplay from other games in the series, but it also introduces new elements that will make the game quite challenging. In Metroid Dread, EMMI robots will be on the hunt for Samus, chasing her relentlessly every time they hear her movements. But if she happens to get in their line of sight, the robots will speed up their movements to catch her. The powerful weapons that Samus can use hold no threat to the EMMI robots, therefore, she will have to avoid getting caught at all costs. Progressing through levels full of traps and enemies while avoiding the lethal threat of the robots will prove to be quite difficult, taking Metroid Dread gameplay to a whole different level. By unlocking additional abilities and movements through the game, Samus will have a better chance of completing this new adventure.


Metroid Dread will launch on October 8, 2021, for Nintendo Switch exclusively. If you think you need a bit of help with the game, there will also be a couple of Amiibo miniatures available that will grant you some in-game boosts.

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