Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition has a release date

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition has a release date

There are quite a few players that have delved into the post-apocalyptic scenario of the Metro series. The adventures of Artyom as he tries to survive in the aftermath of a terrible nuclear war that has turned his homeland into a wasteland, serve to depict the world described by Glukhovsky in his novel Metro 2033. Mutant creatures, extreme situations, violent fights, and a constant fight for survival are the guidelines of an epic adventure that follows Artyom through several games, including Metro 2033Metro Last Light, and Metro Exodus. All of these games have been received very well by the fans of the first-person shooting genre, and there is even a remastered version of the first two ones that has sold more than 1.5 million copies: Metro Redux.

As the latest game in the series, Metro Exodus is about to receive some love too, which will arrive in the form of a new edition. Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition will arrive on May 6 to PC, and all those that own the original game will be able to claim it for free. But not all of those players will be able to enjoy the incredible graphics of the new version. The system requirements to play Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition are quite steep and ray tracing is a must, not optional. Therefore, unless you have a powerful graphics card you will have to stick to the old version.


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With Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, your saves from the old version will carry over to the new one, but if you decide to play though the game all over again, it will also be possible to unlock specific chapters of the game with the new features. 



We highly recommend that you visit our comparator and get Metro Exodus at the best price ahead of the release of the Enhanced Edition, so you can upgrade it for free later. It will be available on several stores, namely Epic Games, Steam, Windows Store, and GOG.

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