Metro Exodus launches its second DLC

Metro Exodus launches its second DLC

We talked about the end of the exclusivity of Metro Exodus in Epic Games Store in a previous article, but it seems that Deep Silver wants to make the release of the game on Steam even more relevant, and they have used that opportunity to launch the second DLC pack for Metro Exodus yesterday. They have revealed Sam's Story with a new video and it is also available to all the owners of the base game as a separate purchase or as part of the Metro Exodus Season Pass.

As it happened with the previous DLC, Sam's Story will introduce a new story whose protagonist is other than the one in the main story. The Two Colonels follows the story of Colonel Miller as he retraces the events that happened in the life of Colonel Khlebnikov one year earlier. Through their story, we can witness the last days of Novosibirsk as the few survivors that took shelter underground start running low on resources and have to suffer attacks from dangerous mutants.



Sam's Story follows the story of a new character, former US Marine Sam, who served under Colonel Miller and is now trying to find a way to return to the United States. It takes place in the ruins of the city of Vladivostok, which has been destroyed by radiation and the natural disasters caused by the explosions of the bombs. Sam's Story puts a heavy emphasis on survival and offers you a huge sandbox scenario to explore as you follow a thrilling storyline and face a lot of deadly enemies.

Deep silver has not announced any more content for Metro Exodus so far, and although Sam's Story opens the door to a potential change of scenario it seems unlikely that the developers are willing to explore that route in the future.

Sam's Story is already available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia and PC, via both Epic Games Store and Steam.


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