EA outlines map changes for Battlefield 2042

EA outlines map changes for Battlefield 2042

Despite the huge number of fans of the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 2042 has not managed to become as successful as other installments in the series. The state of the game at launch was quite disappointing for many players due to a number of things. Complaints about the performance, the game systems, and even the design of the maps rapidly appeared on the official forums and social media. DICE has been working quite hard to fix the game, and they have even implemented some features requested by the players, like a new scoreboard, and the game seems to be in better condition now. 

Upcoming changes

Still, there are many things to be improved in Battlefield 2042, and DICE has announced more changes. In this case, a post on the official Battlefield 2042 forums outlines future changes coming to some of the maps in the game. These changes take into account player feedback, and for example, we will see reduced travel time between Base Spawn and Flags in Traversal. New versions of Kaleidoscope and Renewal will arrive this summer as part of Season 1. Also, the vehicle's availability in all maps will be revised to lower players' time on foot.


Battlefield 2042 Kaleidoscope


The developers also reckon that many maps don't offer enough cover and lack elements that block line of sight. The new maps will improve that and also feature less pristine areas, offering a more immersive experience with scenarios that resemble areas where military operations take place better. For the 128 player modes, DICE is reducing the number of vehicles and increasing their firing cooldowns to offer a less chaotic experience. 
Some of the changes will arrive in the coming months, but others are just a work in progress that will take much longer.


"The first changes we'll make are to vehicle play and availability, and those will be ready in the next Update. Following that you'll start to see the first updates to Flag, Base Spawn locations, and Cover and Line of Sight on Kaleidoscope and Renewal. These changes will arrive during Season 1, and as we get closer to deploying those updates we'll be able to share all of the specifics."


Hopefully, all these modifications will help to make Battlefield 2042 a bit more popular among the fans. It's slowly getting where it should be, and if you want to get your copy of Battlefield 2042 cheap, you just need to visit our comparator.

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