Battlefield 2042 has lost its course

Battlefield 2042 has lost its course

It's no secret that the last installment in the long-lived Battlefield series has come as a bit of disappointment for both players and the developers. Battlefield 2042 seems to lack enough content to maintain players' interest. DICE has been working hard on launching updates after having to solve the problems from a somewhat rocky launch, but players seem not to be happy enough about the current technical state of the game for several reasons. Also, we can take the Zombie Survival mode as an example of things not going as they should. It was released last week, and it would pit players against hordes of zombies, but DICE had to take it down not even 24h after it was made available because players were getting massive amounts of experience. 



Obviously, events like that do not contribute to delivering a good message to the players. But Battlefield 2042 problems can also be influenced by external factors. The number of FPS experiences available to the players for free has increased exponentially during the last few years. Call of Duty fans have found a place in Warzone and the recent release of Halo Infinite multiplayer as free-to-play also offers the fans of the genre a new choice that is not a battle royale. With those two in mind, DICE would need to offer a much better gameplay experience with Battlefield 2042 to catch the attention of more players.


Battlefield 2042 free-to-play?

But it's not just the players that are disappointed with Battlefield 2042. Electronic Arts wouldn't be too happy about the sales, which are not near enough to consider the game the hit it was expected to be. There are always rumors that Battlefield 2042 may change its monetization model to become free to play. Calibrating the impact that a change like that would have on the franchise is too complicated right now. Nothing has been confirmed on this matter, but it definitely seems that something has to be done if they want that Battlefield continues to be one of the most important FPS franchises. 

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BF 2042
BF 2042
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