Battlefield 2042 Wows with 3 Enormous New Maps

Battlefield 2042 Wows with 3 Enormous New Maps

There’s no doubt that Battlefield 2042 is going to be big. With its 128-player versus battles that will include vehicles and flight suits, there’s no way they can go otherwise. Which is why EA has released details about three of its truly gigantic maps, with a glorious new gameplay video to showcase them.



As mentioned, the three included maps are called Renewal, Breakway, and Discarded. All maps will feature unprecedented verticality, allowing for vehicles, long-ranged, and close-quarters combat all at once. Each one will also feature separate and distinct combat areas. 

Here’s a summary of each map:

Renewal. The desert will test your resolve. Set on the Egyptian sands, Renewal features a solar power station on one side and a research facility on the other. Bisecting the area is a long wall with several entry points and one particular chokepoint entrance that will likely be a site of intense, bloody action. 

Breakaway. Set against an Antarctic backdrop, this map features an offshore platform and an Outlook Station set above the battlefield. Altitude is the name of the game as players need to maneuver on icy pathways and cliffsides connected by zip lines. This map is ideal for aerial combat and sniping. 

Discarded. The final map showcases the extent of climate change’s effect in the game. Discarded is set in a sunken village in India, the remains of a ship, and the explorable Colossus ship. With the amount of cover and difficult terrain, close-quarters combat will feature heavily on this map. But beware of the tornadoes that may strike at any time.

More maps are expected to come with seasonal updates, so stay tuned for more content. 



Battlefield 2042 will release on November 19. Check out our article about everything you need to know about Battlefield 2042. You can pre-order with the game with our comparator by checking the cheapest prices for Battlefield 2042

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