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Life is Strange: True Colors gets a release date on Switch

Life is Strange: True Colors gets a release date on Switch

Developer Dontnod Entertainment has us accustomed to a deep narrative experience in their games. The games in the Life is Strange series always have a protagonist with some special power. The studio uses that as an excuse to create a complex and thrilling storyline about social interactions, personal growth, and the joys and woes of life. This type of narrative experience creates an immersive atmosphere that captivates the player and keeps it glued to the screen. That's why the latest installment in the series, Life is Strange: True Colors has so many fans. The release of the game took place this summer, and it rapidly became a success on PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC. Square Enix promised that the game would launch on Nintendo Switch too, but soon after that, we knew that it was postponed without getting a clue about a new release date.



What's the release date?

It has taken a while, but we finally have a release date for Life is Strange: True Colors on Nintendo's hybrid console. The fourth installment in the Life is Strange series will be available for Nintendo Switch owners on December 7, 2022.

Life is Strange: True Colors follows a new protagonist, Alex Chen. She is a girl with a special power that allows her to experience other people's emotions and see them as colors. She will arrive at Haven Springs, an idyllic small town in Colorado, to meet her brother Gabe. Shortly after arriving, Gabe will die in an accident, but Alex thinks that there is something strange about it, and she will use her power to uncover the truth about his death.

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