Visit Haven Springs in Life Is Strange: True Colors

Visit Haven Springs in Life Is Strange: True Colors

The games in the Life Is Strange series are known for their compelling storytelling and a very particular approach to the story of certain individuals who have special powers. Maxine Caulfield can rewind time in Life is Strange, Daniel Diaz has latent telekinetic powers in Life is Strange 2, and so on, but the series does not specifically focus on these strange powers and instead they are a vehicle to deliver a great storyline that is based on the player's choices. Life is Strange: True Colors, the next installment in the series, will follow the same pattern as its predecessors on that matter, and it will follow the story of Alex Chen, a girl who is able to perceive and manipulate the strong emotions of other people. Rather than a gift, Alex considers this power a curse that has had quite a negative impact in her life, but after her brother dies in a strange accident, her power will become the key to finding out what happened to him and the secrets of the small town where she lives.

Haven Springs, is just a small town in Colorado, but as you delve into the world of Life of Strange: True Colors you will discover that its inhabitants hide many secrets. Developer Deck Nine has published a new video that gives us a first preview of the picturesque town set in the mountains.



Of course, Haven Springs looks like an idyllic place where everyone would love to live, but once Alex starts digging into the people's true emotions thanks to her powers it's quite sure that the beautiful surface hides some rotten apples. Whatever the case, to find out more we will have to wait until Life is Strange: True Colors is available on September 10 for PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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