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Life is Strange: True Colors DLC Wavelengths Out Now

Life is Strange: True Colors DLC Wavelengths Out Now

Life is Strange fans have another reason to rejoice with the release of a new DLC for Life is Strange: True Colors. Wavelengthsa mini-episode and prequel to the main game, follows Steph Gingrich, a fan-favorite character from Life is Strange: Before the Storm, as she steps into the DJ booth for Haven Spring’s best—and only—radio station. 



From DM to DJ

Steph stood out in Before the Storm for being a bright, confident, nerdy, and openly gay character in the Life is Strange prequel. We meet a more mature Steph in Wavelengths, having left Arcadia Bay, Oregon, and starting a new life in Haven Springs, Colorado. We see her journey over the course of four seasons and get glimpses of her life: we fill out her dating profile on her app, reconnect with a familiar face from BtS, redecorate the store, and interact with callers during her program. You can decide what tracks to play and what lines to say while on the air. And yes, throw in a little DnD dice rolling into the mix. It’s your show and you get to explore what makes Steph, Steph.

In an interview with fanbyte, senior narrative designer Mallory Littleton had this to say:

"If I think back to Before the Storm, when we first started writing Steph's very first lines, she felt like a fully formed character to the whole writing team almost immediately in a way that's really unique. We were just so excited to give her more lines and more content and a much larger role in the story. And for the DLC, getting to shift that even further and get even more into her psychology and her thought processes, it was just super fun and really rewarding." 



When is Wavelengths Out?

The Wavelengths DLC is available now with the True Colors Deluxe Edition. Try our best price comparisons for Life is Strange: True Colors. If you’d like to play the originals first, you can also find the best prices for Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm. More content for Life is Strange is sure to come in the future, so don't touch that dial.

  • Official website : Life Is Strange
  • Categories : Action , Adventure
  • Editor : Square Enix
  • Developer : DONTNOD Entertainment
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : January 30, 2015
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