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Jacob is a deadly sharpshooter in Redfall

Jacob is a deadly sharpshooter in Redfall

We could recently have a small taste of Layla Ellison's psychic powers in the first video introducing the heroes that will fight against the vampires in Redfall. Not only she can create shields but also brings mobility options to any team and can summon a deadly presence to aid her in combat. But each of the playable characters in Redfall has gained supernatural powers in a different way, and Jacob is no different. He used to work as a private military contractor in the past, but his latest mission would change his life forever. 

A forceful trade with unexpected results

While on a recovery job on the grounds of Aevum, Jacob and his team were attacked by an unknown assailant. He was the only survivor but had to pay a high price. He lost an eye and a mysterious entity implanted a glowing sphere in his empty eye socket, granting him special powers.



Jacob is now followed everywhere by a spirit that looks like a crow that he can command to do his bidding. He can use it to mark enemies and explore. He can also use a variety of weapons to get rid of his enemies from stealth, but his favorite tool is a powerful sniper rifle that allows him to execute any target at range with a well-placed shot. 

The combination of Jacob's old abilities with his new powers makes him the perfect hunter, and he will be a great addition to any group of survivors willing to take down any threat, whether it is vampires, cultists, or any other nightmarish creature that Redfall can throw at them.

To survive in Redfall and investigate the events that have led to the current situation, you will need to master your abilities and learn to use them alongisde other survivors. So far, Layla and Jacob seem to be a suitable pair whose abilities are perfect for each other. Arkane should reveal the other characters very soon, as the release date for Redfall is getting closer.

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