Arkane starts introducing the protagonists of Redfall

Arkane starts introducing the protagonists of Redfall

The release of Redfall is getting closer, and it's about time Arkane Studios started shedding some light on the survivors that will confront the Vampires on the once-beautiful island. The multiplayer co-op shooter will offer an exciting experience focused on action and a gripping storyline with multiple layers of depth. In Redfall, you will choose between several characters that have managed to survive after the Vampires obscured the Sun, turning the small town into their private hunting grounds. Somehow, these people have also gained very special abilities that they will have to put to the best use if they want to figure out what has really happened in Redfall and maybe manage to restore the town to its former self.

Layla Ellison

Layla is a young woman that miraculously survived after being attacked by a horde of Vampires thanks to the sacrifice of her boyfriend. She has developed telekinetic powers that allow her to manipulate objects and create force barriers. Since hell broke loose in Redfall, Leyla has mastered her powers and uses them in a variety of distinct forms.

Umbrella: Leyla is capable of condensing her psychic power to create a barrier that can repel projectiles, whether they come from enemies or it's friendly fire.

Lift: By using her psychic power, Layla creates a contraption that propels anyone into the air. It's useful to reach higher positions or to get rid of pesky enemies.

Vampire Ex-Boyfriend: Layla's ultimate ability allows her to summon a vampiric form of her deceased boyfriend, Jason, who will attack enemies with his sharp claws.

Layla's capabilities will make her quite a valuable asset for any team in Redfall. Her mobility skill is perfect to reach roofs and avoid encounters, or position herself to take down enemies with a sniper rifle. Meanwhile, her ability to block projectiles is perfect for defending such an advantageous position from other shooters, and she can team up with her summon to fight against any enemy that gets close. You can watch her in action below, courtesy of IGN.



We will see more of other Redfall characters in the coming weeks, but Arkane's upcoming FPS experience is looking quite good so far. Remember that you can check out the best deals and get a Redfall Xbox key cheap with our comparator.

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