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Immortal Empires brings changes to Total War: Warhammer III this summer

Immortal Empires brings changes to Total War: Warhammer III this summer

Total War: Warhammer III is the culmination of a fantastic strategy trilogy inspired by the tabletop miniature game from Games Workshop. Like its predecessors, it offers a unique approach to the gameplay with a different scenario that includes new mechanics exclusive to this title. Total War: Warhammer III focuses on the realm of Chaos and the final part of a conflict that pits daemonic forces with Kislev and Grand Cathay. It features an innovative system that allows you to create and upgrade your daemonic lord with different powers and mutations if you choose to play the Chaos campaign. 


Immortal Empires

If you have played previous games in the series, you already know that Creative Assembly has launched an additional gameplay mode that includes all the factions present in the games in a massive map that they struggle to conquer. It was launched as Mortal Empires for Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Warhammer II. Its successor, Immortal Empires, is a new gameplay mode that will include all the factions in the trilogy. It will arrive as a free expansion for Total War: Warhammer III in August, and it's also adding new features. The developer has detailed them in a post on the official blog of the game.

Immortal Empires will launch as a beta next August, and it will feature all 86 legendary lords, including Be'Lakor. New starting locations and improved mechanics for many factions have been added as well as a system that allows your armies to move great distances without having to traverse the map step by step. It's quite a handy feature in a game mode where the map is so massive. The victory conditions have been revamped for many factions to make the campaign more appealing to the players. Finally, as a bonus, any player that owns Total War: Warhammer III can participate in multiplayer games for up to 8 people, providing that the host of the Immortal Empires campaign owns the trilogy and can launch the campaign.



Immortal Empires will receive many additions, adjustments, and balance changes in the months after release, but it's bound to be quite an exciting experience for those that love the series. If you want to enjoy it at launch, you can buy Total War: Warhammer III cheap anytime with our comparator.

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