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Total War: Warhammer 3’s latest update brings free units and fixes

Total War: Warhammer 3’s latest update brings free units and fixes

Total War: Warhammer 3 is on the warpath with its latest update, version 1.2. This patch provides various improvements, rebalancing, and some cool new units for free. Check out the launch trailer below.



Here is a rundown of the various changes to the game:

Firstly, there is now an uptick in AI aggressiveness. Enemy armies will now attack and besiege your settlements more often. The good news is that the patch has reduced the AI’s player bias when it comes to target selection—they are now less likely to attack you if you are further away across the map and are not considered a big threat. Also, besieged enemy settlements will no longer redeploy any towers that you’ve already destroyed. 

Mounts now unlock for free once you’ve reached the required level for them. You no longer have to spend a skill point to unlock them.

Speaking of free, the patch also includes seven Regiments of Renown, mercenary units which have been previously released as paid DLCs in previous games. Now they come as part of this package.  

  • The Dune Dragons - Celestial Dragon Guard - Grand Cathay
  • Hellforged Host - Exalted Bloodletters - Khorne
  • Dazh's Hearth-Blades - Hearth-Guard - Kislev
  • Festering Stooges - Exalted Plaguebearers - Nurgle
  • Powder Guts - Maneaters (Ogre Pistols) - Ogre Kingdoms
  • Bringers of Beguilement - Exalted Daemonettes - Slaanesh
  • Blazing Squealers - Exalted Pink Horrors - Tzeentch

There are also improvements to tech trees, diplomacy, and the responsiveness of troops. Range units, for example, will correctly turn and fire to shoot at enemies behind them.

Here is a full list of patch notes. Developer Creative Assembly have also shared the roadmap with the changes to come, so you can see what else lies in store for the game. If you don’t have the base game yet, here's everything there is to know about it. You can pick up a Total War: Warhammer 3 PC code from our comparator today.

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