Hyper Light Breaker shows its world

Hyper Light Breaker shows its world

The sequel to Hyper Light Drifter brings many innovations to the franchise but the most significant one is the possibility of exploring its universe in 3D. If the original game laid at your feet a ruined world full of enemies to fight against and all kinds of threats with graphics in 2D, Hyper Light Breaker goes one step further and lets you explore procedurally-generated open worlds in another unique adventure.

A beautiful universe full of smaller worlds

Developer Heart Machine recently offered a detailed view of the Hyper Light world in a new video. You can watch the protagonist of the game exploring the Overgrowth, a vast universe full of strange creatures, while he takes down enemies in action-based battles. In such a scenario, Hyper Light Breaker will offer a new type of experience, with a deep focus on exploration and a very high level of replayability, as the worlds in the game are generated procedurally and you won't return to the same one twice.



The distinctive art style of its predecessor is also in Hyper Light Breaker, but the wider variety of diverse scenarios and the roguelike mechanics contribute to creating a different type of experience that you will even be able to share with other players in a cooperative mode online. Still, Hyper Light Breaker is not just a series of independent experiences glued together that you can play one after another. The game entices you with an interesting storyline and a colorful cast of characters, each with its own unique story.

Hyper Light Breaker looks really good and now that Heart Machine is starting to share details about it we can only hope to get a release date for the game soon. Although pre-orders for the game are not available yet, Hyper Light Breaker will be available via our comparator at the best price. Meanwhile, you can discover the exciting world where the game is set with a Hyper Light Drifter PC key.

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