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Hyper Light Drifter sequel revealed: ‘Hyper Light Breaker’

Hyper Light Drifter sequel revealed: ‘Hyper Light Breaker’

Developer Heart Machine announced that they are making Hyper Light Breaker, a sequel to their action RPG hit Hyper Light Drifter. Only this time, they are trading the original’s top-down view and 2D pixels for stylized 3D graphics and wide open-world biomes that players can explore. Check out the announcement trailer now:


Breaking into 3D

The game is said to be an action rogue-lite game set in the Overgrowth, a new location in the Hyper Light Universe. While it's a sequel, Heart Machine describes Hyper Light Breaker as “a new game driven by new designs.”

The Overgrowth is a vast open world filled with monsters to fight and mysteries to solve. Part of the game is exploring different biomes and labyrinths, and given it's a rogue-lite game, the “everchanging” locations will likely be procedurally generated. Thankfully, Hyper Light Breaker will feature new ways of travel, including “wall-dashing, hoverboard, glider and more.”

The player can “defeat brutal monsters, create new builds, survive the mysterious Crowns and overthrow the almighty Abyss King.” They won’t have to do this alone; another key difference from the original game is that Hyper Light Breaker will include online multiplayer co-op. You will lead your team of Breakers into action against the Abyss King and all his minions. Each time you die, you learn a bit more about the Overgrowth and the stories behind it, which may help you with each subsequent run. 

A third new element is the settlement, which functions as your home base. As you succeed in your missions, your settlement improves and adds more helpful NPCs to its population, ultimately helping you in your main quest. 

Coming in Spring

Hyper Light Breaker is expected to go into early access in the spring of 2023. For now, the only platform announced for it is the PC via Steam. Check here once in a while for a Hyper Light Breaker PC key at the best prices.

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