Hyper Light Breaker gets gameplay reveal trailer

Hyper Light Breaker gets gameplay reveal trailer

Developer Heart Machine has just released a gameplay reveal trailer for Hyper Light Breaker, and based on what we’ve seen, it’s almost unrecognizable from the original game Hyper Light Drifter. The developer also announced that the game will enter Early Access this Autumn. Check out the reveal here: 



The original game is a single-player retro-style 2D RPG with 16-bit graphics and a heavy focus on exploration. It was a critical darling when it first launched in 2016 and fans were eagerly watching for a sequel. It seems they got what they wanted but not in the way they expected.

Breaking the mold

In contrast, Hyper Light Breaker is an online co-op game for up to four players, though you can still play on your own. The game is set in a corner of the Hyper Light Universe known as the Overgrowth. As mentioned, the Overgrowth is procedurally generated, and given this is a rogue-lite game, you can expect to die repeatedly as you wander its various biomes and battle hordes of monsters. You can also unlock new characters and upgrades to your settlement hub with each run. 

You and your fellow Breakers will explore the open, labyrinthine world using various modes of travel: running, wall-dashing, hoverboarding, and gliding, all of which give you an incredible amount of freedom to roam the map. You’ll also face numerous bosses before coming to the final boss, the mysterious Abyss King, whom you will learn more about as you progress through the game. Since this is a rogue-lite, you will also gain permanent upgrades with each run as well as upgrades to your weapons and skills.  

Hyper Light Breaker is coming to Early Access this Autumn via Steam. Watch this space for a listing of a Hyper Light Breaker PC key at the best prices.

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