Hop on the Company Cruiser in Lethal Company's latest update

Hop on the Company Cruiser in Lethal Company's latest update

The highly popular online co-op horror game Lethal Company, developed by indie game developer Zeekerss, is still going strong. Since its release, Lethal Company has quickly become one of the most successful indie titles on Steam. Through numerous updates, Lethal Company has maintained its position as the most enjoyable co-op game that everyone should try at least once.

After a slight delay, Lethal Company released its highly anticipated Version 55 update on July 7. This update was completed much faster than the previous one. Zeekerss himself acknowledged this, stating, "As Version 55 came sooner than Version 50, I suspect Version 60 will come even sooner." The previous update, Version 50 - The Hopping Update, took Zeekerss three months to finish.

During that time, many games inspired by Lethal Company were released, such as Content Warning, which temporarily surpassed Lethal Company in concurrent players on Steam. Therefore, many people have high expectations for this new update of Lethal Company.

Without further ado, here is everything included in the latest Version 55 update, titled The Cruising Update:


Lethal Company Version 55 - The Cruising Update features the Company Cruiser, an epic luxury transportation vehicle capable of transporting an unimaginable amount of scrap all at once. There are also two new creatures, map changes, and many bug fixes:

Company Cruiser:

  • The Company Cruiser is the first and only vehicle in Lethal Company. It is a red van with a boxy loading bay behind the seating area, which can fit up to two employees.

New Entities:

  • Kidnapper Fox: These fox-like entities can only spawn in Vain Shroud groupings with more than one shroud present. Kidnapper Foxes avoid killing in the open, preferring to use their tongues to drag players to Vain Shrouds, where they finish them off.

  • Barber: Also known as Clay Surgeons, these creatures attack in packs. They leap forward with a snare hit, slicing anything that comes into contact with their scissors in half. Barbers begin to vanish as employees move farther away from them. They don't have different states and are awlays lunging towards the nearest employee.

Map Changes:

  • Vain Shroud is added as a new map hazard.

The Cruising Update also features many more adjustments and bug fixes. You can read about them here.

Lethal Company Version 55 - The Cruising Update is out now on Steam. Don’t wait—call your friends right now and start the scrap collecting mission. And don't forget to use our trusty price comparison tool to get Lethal Company at the best price.

  • Categories : Action , Adventure
  • Editor : Zeekerss
  • Developer : Zeekerss
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer, Co-op
  • Release date : October 23, 2023
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