Lethal Company fortifies its position at the top of the horror genre

Lethal Company fortifies its position at the top of the horror genre

When it comes to horror games, Lethal Company is one of the sensations of 2023. Despite being released in October last year, the online co-op horror game from Zeekers has achieved great numbers and it's at the top with Baldur's Gate III and other similar hits. Following a pattern similar to other titles, the game has built up a reputation for itself with the help of social media. The number of Lethal Company viewers on Twitch is amazing and this has translated into a peak of almost 240,000 players on Steam which has positioned the game among the most popular in Valve's platform.

The success of Lethal Company does not seem to be ephemeral. The game delivers an exciting multiplayer experience where you explore abandoned moons to scavenge crap that can be sold to the Company. It's a high-risk occupation because these industrialized moons are often populated by dangerous creatures and there are deadly hazards and traps in the facilities you explore. It's easy to die if you are not careful but those who play Lethal Company find that very appealing.



The key to the game's success is the interaction between the players. You need to work alongside your crewmates to recover enough scrap to meet the quota for the company and you have a limited time to do it. Every obstacle that you find may be impossible to overcome alone, and the consequences of failing are even worse than dying on an abandoned planet far from home. The deep level of immersion and permanent sensation of danger that the game offers to the players, makes it perfect as an introduction to the genre.

Lethal Company features elements that you can find in classic horror titles without being too explicit or using advanced graphics. It offers you a perfect scenario to interact with other players under stress, which generates a thrilling and sometimes explosive experience that gets you hooked quite rapidly.

A bright future ahead

A few months after being released, Lethal Company continues to be a highly recommended experience for those who either love horror games or want to delve into the genre for the first time. Of course, 2023 has also brought us other impressive horror experiences, like Alan Wake 2, but if you are looking for a deeper level of interaction with other players, Lethal Company is the perfect choice. As usual, remember that you can use our comparator to purchase a cheap Lethal Company Steam key anytime.

  • Categories : Action , Adventure
  • Editor : Zeekerss
  • Developer : Zeekerss
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer, Co-op
  • Release date : October 23, 2023
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