Hogwarts Legacy is getting an exclusive State of Play

Hogwarts Legacy is getting an exclusive State of Play

Once upon a time, there was a game set on the Wizarding World. But like a wizard facing a Dementor, the game hid, hushed, and disappeared. Now, after a long hiatus, hope is alight once more. Sony announced that Hogwarts Legacy will have an exclusive State of Play this Thursday (17), with long-desired news regarding this action-RPG set in the wondrous and magical universe of Harry Potter.

According to the PlayStation Blog, the presentation will last 20 minutes, with more than 14 minutes of gameplay to the delight of players. Afterward, developers from Avalanche will give some statements about the game.

To watch the content, simply visit the PlayStation YouTube or Twitch channels on the scheduled date and time, 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET / 10 PM CET. After the show, Sony also promises to bring more context to what's new in Hogwarts Legacy.



Hogwarts Legacy wasn't generous in providing information about its gameplay but has released some information about its plot and setting. According to the developers, the game will be an open-world action RPG. The story is set in the Wizarding World in the late 1800s, in the 19th century. J. K. Rowling isn't directly involved with the project, but clearly, the world is based on her writing. Players will choose the Hogwarts house at the beginning of the game, learn new spells, create potions, and tame fantastic beasts.

The project has gone through some internal problems and has even been postponed, as it was scheduled to be released in 2021. Now, slated to release in 2022, expect a date and a pre-order this Thursday. And if you get impressed by the gameplay and new information on the State of Play, be sure to check out our game key deals for Hogwarts Legacy digital download. It's undoubtedly the most viable and cost-effective way to purchase and venture into the world of witchcraft.

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