Here’s your chance to play the Halo Infinite co-op campaign

Here’s your chance to play the Halo Infinite co-op campaign

Those who own Halo Infinite have something to look forward to this month. The Halo Infinite co-op campaign has finally entered its testing phase on July 11. This month, 343 Industries is running a 10-day-long testing period, open to anyone with the Halo Infinite campaign game or an Xbox Game Pass subscription. 



The beta will allow four players to play through the whole Halo Infinitecampaign. To play the co-op beta, you must download a fresh campaign and start over. You won’t be able to play co-op using your current save, nor will you be able to move your progress to your original game. That said, you will be able to replay parts of the campaign with the Mission Replay feature, which was finally included post-launch.

If you are an Xbox player, you need to join the Xbox Insider Program to access the beta. For those on Steam, you have to sign up to Halo Insider by July 5. Those accessing elsewhere don’t have a deadline. 

In a recent interview, lead world designer John Mulkey mentioned that while the players are on co-op, they will still advance in their individual campaigns: 

“The goal going in was to “allow everyone to play their campaigns together.” This meant that all progress made in the game, regardless of it being through Solo or Co-Op play, would be retained. I could be playing Solo campaign, jump into a Co-Op session for a few hours, then launch back into Solo play and all the mission progress, acquired collectibles, equipment found, achievements earned, and upgrades made in either session would be intact. Gone are the days of playing someone else’s game while earning no progress.”

Unfortunately, we still have to sit tight and wait for exactly when the co-op campaign and Forge mode will officially release. The developers did announce that the full co-op mode will be available later this year.

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