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Halo Infinite finally gets co-op campaign and Forge

Halo Infinite finally gets co-op campaign and Forge

Two long-awaited features announced for Halo Infinite soon after its launch have finally been added to the game in the biggest update so far. Developer 343 Industries promised to add a cooperative mode for the campaign that would allow players to enjoy the whole adventure with up to three other friends. Also, the announcement of the Forge mode was received with excitement by the fans of the franchise as it would let them create their own scenarios. Both features are now available in Halo Infinite with the Winter Update, which has taken much longer than expected, but we are sure it will be a great addition to the game.



Co-op campaign

As promised, Campaign Network Co-Op will bring multiplayer to the main adventure in the game. This mode supports crossplay across Xbox and PC. Also, everybody in the team will benefit from the progress, and the unlocks made during the gameplay. 343 Industries has also added plenty of new achievements for this mode, and you can replay missions if you need more opportunities to complete them all. 

Forge in Halo Infinite

Creating your own maps and sharing them with other players is finally possible in Halo Infinite with the launch of Forge. Although this mode is in beta and you can only access six canvas maps, it lets you bring your ideas to the game for the first time. 

"The Forge Beta in Halo Infinite launches with six canvas maps, a new visual scripting engine, object scaling, lighting and audio tools, bot support, huge budget increases, file sharing capabilities, and much more to help you create and share your maps, modes, and prefabs."

Although it's called a beta, Forge has arrived to stay, and it will receive tuning and more assets as time progresses.

More additions

The Winter Update has also introduced a new Battle Pass full of rewards that all players can unlock for free just by playing Halo Infinite. Player progression has also been revamped, and you now gain XP depending on your performance across all modes. Completing challenges will grant you a significant XP bonus, and the requirements to complete some of them have been reduced. Two new maps, Argyle and Detachment, are now available in the game.

With all those additions, Halo Infinite aims to continue being one of the most popular FPS experiences currently available. You can take a look at the complete patch notes of the Winter Update if you want more detailed information about the changes. Also, our comparator continues to be the best tool to buy Halo Infinite cheap if you are yet to discover the game.

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