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Gotham Knights expands multiplayer next month

Gotham Knights expands multiplayer next month

Gotham Knights is turning out to be the sensation of this month. The game has been out just for a few days and there are countless players talking about its missions, exciting fights, and intriguing storyline. Red Hood, Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl have jumped into the spotlight with a bang despite some negative predictions and technical problems, and the fans of Batman are not missing him for the time being. The main campaign in the game is keeping players busy but WB Montreal has plans to make the journey last for quite a long while.

New Game+

Once you are done with the campaign you are free to continue playing Gotham Knights in the New Game+ mode. Starting the game all over again with an increased difficulty level may seem like a chore, but you will keep a part of your progress from previous games. All the skills, outfits, weapons, trophies, and achievements that you have unlocked for your characters will still be there, but your progress in the main campaign and the side missions will be reset, as well as all the collectibles you have gathered. Also, your characters' maximum levels will increase from 30 to 40, which will allow you to unlock all their skills.



New multiplayer mode

If that is not enough to convince you of visiting our comparator to get your copy of Gotham Knights cheap on any platform, you may change your mind when you know that WB Games is launching a new gameplay mode for Gotham Knights called Heroic Assault next month. It will feature cooperative gameplay for up to four players allowing you to share the fun with even more friends (the current multiplayer limit for the campaign is two players).

Heroic Assault will be available for free to all players that own Gotham Knights and it will multiply the fun in a scenario separate from the campaign. Up to four players can cooperate to progress through arena-type encounters where they will face a series of enemies through a total of thirty levels. This mode will feature additional objectives and it will launch on November 29. 



We can't wait to see if WB Games has more things prepared for Gotham Knights but with these additions, the fans should be entertained for a while.

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