Gotham Knights doesn't need Batman to be a success

Gotham Knights doesn't need Batman to be a success

Gotham Knights is already available and it's doing quite well despite some players having technical issues on PC and consoles that are crashing the game. A few days ago, we talked about how demanding the PC version of the game is in terms of hardware, and it looks that WB Montreal could have used a little extra time to polish the game, but the gameplay experience it delivers seems to be solid enought to keep the fans of the DC Comics universe more than happy. 

One of the big questions about Gotham Knights is how would it fare compared to other Batman games, especially if we consider that the caped crusader himself is dead in this installment. On paper, leaving crime fighting to Batgirl, Red Hood, Robin, and Nightwing seems to be a good idea as all of them are disciples of Batman in one way or another, but they all take a different approach to their roles as vigilantes. Leaving aside the matter of Red Hood weapons' lethality, Gotham Knights does an excellent job of making each of the characters unique. Not only do they each have a completely different fighting style and abilities, but also a unique point of view of the action. Being able to face the same story from different angles depending on what character you are playing is a nice feature that adds depth to the game, as it increases the level of immersion while allowing you to replay the game for a different experience.



Overall, Gotham Knights is not a pretentious game that wants to make you forget about Batman. It's more of a spin-off that focuses on other characters and uses the absence of the iconic hero to bring up a new story full of twists. Of course, the game has a deeper focus on combat mechanics than any other games set in the Batman universe, but that is not a bad thing at all, especially if you take into account the wide range of possibilities that the multiplayer co-op mode introduces.

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