Ghostwire: Tokyo gameplay looks spine-chilling

Ghostwire: Tokyo gameplay looks spine-chilling

We already had the opportunity of getting immersed into the world of Ghostwire: Tokyo with a video a while ago, but the footage shown at the last State of Play a couple of days ago reveals many more details about the game. It's not surprising that Tango Gameworks has taken special care into recreating the city of Tokyo with extreme detail in the game. After all, it's their home, and Shinji Mikami, the creator of the Resident Evil series and founder of the studio, has a vast experience with horror games, which also contributes to delivering an exciting experience. 

State of Play trailer 



As you can see in the video, the protagonist of Ghostwire: Tokyo finds himself in a city invaded by evil spirits. Tango Gameworks has managed to create a modern representation of traditional yokai from Japanese culture that feels quite unsettling and will have players on the edge as they fight against them. Also, the use of Akito's supernatural powers with the help of KK offers the players plenty of different ways of approaching the action. Akito will be able to manipulate different types of energy to create a variety of effects in order to defeat his enemies, but rescuing his sister won't be an easy task.

Overall, Ghostwire: Tokyo delivers flashy and exciting gameplay in a dystopic Tokyo city while you follow a storyline that will keep you on your toes at all times. The game is all about mystery and facing the unknown, but if you are a seasoned fan of Resident Evil, you can safely assume that it will be an epic experience. 

The release of Ghostwire: Tokyo is scheduled for March 25 on PlayStation 5 and PC. As usual, you can find the best price to buy your Ghostwire: Tokyo code with our comparator.

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