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Discover Fuse's abilities in Apex Legends

Discover Fuse's abilities in Apex Legends

Last week we could learn about the story of the new character in Apex Legends in a video. Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy is a quite dangerous mercenary that has a knack for explosives. He became the Bone Cage champion in Salvo's arena battles but looking for a more challenging competition he now will participate in the Apex Games. As a result of a little argument with his former friend and teammate Maggie, Fuse lost an arm that has been replaced with a cybernetic one, which also serves him quite well in combat with some hidden tricks.



Fuse's abilities prove that he is all about big explosions. He is able to carry more grenades than other characters and throw them further, which gives him a huge advantage in combat, as he is able to bombard any enemies from a safe position. His tactical skill allows him to throw a cluster bomb that splits into several concussion mines, It covers a wide area and lets him stun several enemies at a time if properly aimed. Finally, when Fuse uses his ultimate ability he shoots his personalized rocket launcher, which is known as Wally. The weapon fires an explosive missile that makes fire rain from the sky and creates a deadly circle of flames.



Fuse will be a great addition to the list of playable characters in Apex Legends and it will give players a new reason to be concerned about their positioning in the game, especially if they like to be in close proximity to their teammates. With fuse, Respawn Entertainment's free-to-play battle royale shooter will offer you a total of 17 playable characters. He will be available in the game once Apex Legends' Season 8 starts on February 2. It's quite likely that the game will be launched on Nintendo Switch on the same date.

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