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Get free goodies to celebrate Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak's success

Get free goodies to celebrate Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak's success

It's well known that Monster Hunter is a popular franchise, but its reimagination for Nintendo Switch seems to appeal to an even more significant number of players. Monster Hunter Rise introduces new gameplay mechanics that Capcom should consider including in all Monster Hunter games from now. Wyvern riding should be a staple on all the future games in the franchise, for example. That said, the launch of the game, followed by the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion on PC and Switch, has opened the game to a wider fan base that has received both of them eager to immerse in the experience.

It's time to celebrate

Not too long ago, we revealed that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak was selling exceptionally well, and it has continued with the same progression. To celebrate that over three million players have already bought the expansion Capcom is giving away a free DLC pack full of items to all those that own Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The Elgado Pack 3 includes the following items:


  • Dust of Life x 30
  • Herbal Powder x 30
  • Demon Powder x 15
  • Hardshell Powder x 15
  • Friend Voucher x 10


You can unlock all of them by visiting the Courier. 



This free pack will contribute to making the wait for the upcoming Sunbreak update even more enjoyable. Capcom plans to launch it next month, and it will bring a lot of novelties to Monster Hunter Rise.


 "Not only do we have additional content like the new field and monsters, we plan to add new content regarding Anomaly Research, and more options to provide players with a greater range of difficulty."


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