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There's three new monsters and a new mechanic for Sunbreak

There's three new monsters and a new mechanic for Sunbreak

A new presentation for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak was held this Tuesday May 10th at 4pm. Although the live was relatively short (15 minutes), Capcom still presented new content for the expansion.



The launch of Sunbreak is scheduled for June 30 on Switch and PC, and it will bring three new monsters. Among them, the Seregios, a creature from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the Somnacanth from Aurora, and finally the Almudron from Magma. These last two are variants of monsters already existing in the original game, this time they will have a new type and new abilities. Capcom has also revealed exclusive information about the Malzeno, the main monster of the expansion. Its very dangerous attacks will be able to cause a new status in the hunter: the hemorrhage. If the hunter damages a monster while under this status, then it will get healed. Conversely if the hunter remains passive, it will give the monster more power.

Capcom has revealed that new single-player quests will also be released with the DLC. The particularity of these quests is that some characters from the game will be able to accompany your hunter. Five characters will be available for theSunbreak region. For Kamura it is Minoto and Hinoa who will follow us with their own weapons. 

Finally the biggest news of the presentation is the new gameplay mechanics for the hunters. In addition to bringing new talents, the expansion will allow players to switch between different talent sets for the weapon they wield during a quest. These sets can be adjusted by the player in the chest before the start of a quest. This feature will further develop the fighting style of the hunters in addition to giving them more freedom in their combos and movements.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be released on PC and Switch on June 30th. It is already possible to pre-order Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak at the best price in order to benefit from some bonuses.

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