The fourth story in The Dark Pictures Anthology may have a release date

The fourth story in The Dark Pictures Anthology may have a release date

After the success of The Quarry, Supermassive Games is not taking a break and is looking at the new horror story The Dark Pictures Anthology. For those of you who don't know what this is or if you simply discovered the studio through The Quarry, it's a series of horror games with unrelated stories that are also highly regarded and anticipated by the fans. The first story was released in 2019, and players are waiting to play the fourth one. If you liked the studio's previous games, like Until Dawn or The Quarry, then you are bound to love these stories as there are also choices to be made and the storyline depends on them. Interestingly, it can be played by up to 5 players, either in local or online multiplayer.

Welcome to the Hotel Murder Castle

This fourth story is the finale of season 1. You find yourself in the Hotel Murder Castle, a sinister place where you have to avoid traps and solve puzzles to escape a serial killer. The fans are eagerly awaiting its release, which is scheduled for this autumn. Although there's no further official details about the release date, it may have been leaked. Unfortunately, you may not get your horror story for Halloween, as The Devil In Me is said to be released on November 30th according to an insider. Although it is not official, this insider already predicted the release date of Skull and Bones, so this information has a good chance of being true. 


While you wait to find out if this is true or not,  you can discover the other episodes, pre-order The Devil In Me, or simply get a The Quarry PC key. All of them are available on our comparator at the best prices.

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