Final Fantasy XIV trial is available again

Final Fantasy XIV trial is available again

When games are quite popular, the release of an expansion can be as potentially problematic as any title's initial launch. Final Fantasy XIV is no exception to the rule, and the launch of Endwalker several months ago brought with it a massive influx of players that tried to log into the game and play the new expansion. In the case of MMORPGs, which usually have many players and heavy traffic with the servers, this causes a good number of queues and other performance problems. This seems to be an unavoidable issue in most cases, as the recent release of Lost Ark has demonstrated too. Making additional servers available is not even a possible solution for Final Fantasy XIV, though, since players already have their characters created on a certain region, and it's not possible to just move them or start all over.



Final Fantasy XIV trial cancellation

In the end, Square Enix had to take some rather extreme measures to lower the number of players trying to get into the game. The company stopped selling the game, and the free Final Fantasy XIV trial program, which has been running for a long time already, was temporarily canceled. Therefore, no new players could try the game for free to make more room for those that already bought the game. Moving fast forward a couple of months, the servers population has stabilized again, and Square Enix has decided to resume the trial program.



Therefore, if you wonder how Final Fantasy XIV has become the most popular MMORPG worldwide and surpassed World of Warcraft, you can now visit the official website and join millions of players in the game. The trial gives you access to the base game and the Heavensward expansion for as long as you like. Of course, if you like the game and you want to unlock additional content and enjoy the latest expansion, you can visit our comparator to find the best prices and purchase your Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker code cheap.

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