Final Fantasy XIV sales reopen and new data center

Final Fantasy XIV sales reopen and new data center

Final Fantasy XIV became such a resounding success that Square Enix had to cease sales due to server overload. Logging into the game at Endwalker's launch was a Herculean task. Only those who had the patience to wait 2-3 hours could enjoy this masterpiece MMORPG.

Although not all servers have improved - at peak hours, I still get a queue of 1000 players - Naoki Yoshida, director of the game, said they are working relentlessly to resolve these issues. We will see the first results and Final Fantasy XIV sales reopen on January 25.

On the official website, Yoshida stated:

"Since officially launching on December 7 last year, Endwalker has experienced extremely high levels of congestion, causing our players a great deal of frustration. The task of rebalancing jobs also remains, and we will continue working on this and other adjustments."

He went on to share the roadmap that will address all server-related problems.

Final Fantasy XIV new Oceania data center

Introducing the oceania data server to Final Fantasy XIV


The new Oceanic datacenter will arrive earlier than expected, also on January 25. With five worlds in all, those who want to transfer their character will be able to do so for free, but only on the next day, January 26, so that the server implementation is smooth. Players who transfer to preferred worlds usually get incentives, such as Chocobo feathers that can be traded for equipment.

Among the new improvements, Square Enix also plans to expand the Japanese, North American, and European data centers. Still, these overhauls will begin in July and may extend through the summer of 2023.

Yoshida ends the news by warning that sales will resume and apologizing for the congestion. He says he doesn't know if sales will cease again in the future, so he suggests interested people buy the game as soon as possible.

If you are one of those interested, check out our Final Fantasy XIV game key deals. The game is a masterpiece in the world of MMORPGs and has some of the most complete world-building and lore I have ever seen in the entire industry. You can purchase A Realm Reborn and then the latest expansion, Endwalker, which comes with all the previous expansions included.

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