Final Fantasy XIV keeps gaining players despite World of Warcraft's new patch

Final Fantasy XIV keeps gaining players despite World of Warcraft's new patch

World of Warcraft has been the undisputed leader of the MMORPG genre since it was released. Blizzard's game has a massive number of followers and subscribers, reaching numbers that other games only dreamed of in the past, but it has also been losing players in the recent years. Even though the release of Shadowlands expansion and Burning Crusade Classic later have managed to bring plenty of players back to the game, World of Warcraft lost around two million players during the last financial quarter. In this case, one of the games that seem to be favored with this tendency is no other than Final Fantasy XIV, the MMO version of the popular RPG series from Square Enix.

The number of players that are showing an interest in Final Fantasy XIV has increased lately, and the game has reached a record number of concurrent players on Steam, surpassing its previous peak by a good margin. It's worthy of notice that Blizzard launched the latest content update for World of Warcraft last week, but the new dungeon and raid that are coming with it are not available to the players already, so it may have discouraged some of them. It seems that there is an increasing number of players that do not share the current vision for the game and, therefore, they are probably looking for greener pastures somewhere else. 



Final Fantasy XIV could be a new home for those, and that tendency may have had been helped by the fact that several well-known streamers have decided to explore the world of Eorzea lately. The upcoming launch of the new expansion for Final Fantasy XIV may be enough of a push to finally convince those players to settle down in a new universe and forget about Azeroth. It's not as if World of Warcraft is going to disappear anytime soon, but Blizzard should definitely start paying attention to what the competitors are doing in the future.

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