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Final Fantasy XIV is getting a new expansion

Final Fantasy XIV is getting a new expansion

Releasing expansions is a common way of keeping the interest of MMORPG players. Every now and then most games in the genre receive additional content via an expansion, and Final Fantasy XIV is no exception to the rule. Shadowbringers was released in June 2019 and it expanded the content in a game that already features a huge fantasy world and a plethora of options when it comes to races and classes to choose from. It brought to the game two new classes, the Gunner and the Dancer, as well as a level cap increase, new gear and crafting recipes, a new storyline, challenges, gameplay systems, and more. But Square Enix keeps improving Final Fantasy XIV with more content and a new expansion has just been announced: Endwalker.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is an upcoming expansion for the original game. Even though players expected to see it a bit earlier, its development has been rather slow due to the pandemic. Its release is scheduled for November 23, 2021, and it's quite likely that there will be no delays. Square Enix has published a video to announce it.



It's quite remarkable that Final Fantasy XIV has managed to maintain for itself a stable player base after its second launch. The game, which was originally released in a different form, didn't convince players at all in the beginning, but the future release of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker proves that it is in good health now. The expansion will bring two new classes, the Sage and the Reaper. Also, the male Viera will be available as a new race and there will be another level cap increase. Of course, it will include new territories to explore, enemies to defeat, dungeons, and more, but the most important addition in the expansion is its storyline, which will put an end to the current story arc in the game. Nobody knows what will happen after Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, but we are sure that Square Enix will have a thrilling storyline ready for all of us.

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