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Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster release date announced

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster release date announced

When Square Enix first announced the Pixel Remaster of the sixth entry of the franchise, most fans were ecstatic. Being able to play the classics again, with quality-of-life enhancements and some refined touches on those grandiose pixels, was a delight.

Among the six announced, five of them are already available. Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II were released on the same date. Final Fantasy III also launched on the same date, but this one is a special case because it's the first time the 2D version of the Onion Knights came to the west. One of the most awaited, Final Fantasy IV came solo, deprived of its sequences. And last but not least, Final Fantasy V was released last month.

But between you and me, we know that what people really wanted out of all these was the Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster, until today consecrated as one of the best of the saga. And finally, we got a release date announcement.

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster will launch in February 2022. Apparently, the game was supposed to release earlier because Square Enix released an announcement justifying the game's release date to polish its development further. Also, they promised to give some additional pre-purchase items to players.

Check out below the announcement and what pre-purchase items you will earn:

Final Fantasy VI pixel remaster launches in February 2022

FINAL FANTASY VI Pre-Purchase items

Special Soundtracks

  • Locke's Theme (Timelapse Remix) [NOW ADDED TO PRE-PURCHASE ITEMS]
  • The Decisive Battle (Timelapse Remix)
  • Terra's Theme (Timelapse Remix)
  • Searching for Friends (Timelapse Remix)
  • Aria di Mezzo Carattere (Instrumental) [NOW ADDED TO PRE-PURCHASE ITEMS]

Special Wallpapers

  • FF6: 2 types of wallpapers
  • FF1-6: 2 types of pixel remastered series wallpapers [NOW ADDED TO PRE-PURCHASE ITEMS]

Furthermore, the Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster will be a great palate cleanser to those who played the horrid Steam 3D version of the game. So don't delay! Browse our Final Fantasy VI CD Keys deals and enjoy an epic story involving magic, technology, opera, and a pretty badass mad jester.

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