FIFA 23 focuses on realism in new gameplay video

FIFA 23 focuses on realism in new gameplay video

After revealing FIFA 23, EA Sports is marketing the game by releasing parcels of the gameplay. The HyperMotion technology, which debuted in FIFA 22, was a success. And in FIFA 23, players will experience its evolution: HyperMotion 2. EA Sports has revealed a deep dive into the new game, focusing on its gameplay, with a video of over 11 minutes. This year the focus will be on realism.

To further enhance machine learning in motion capture for the game, the company made two entire real football matches in Zaragoza, Spain. One with women and one with men, to also register their differences. In addition, several skill exercises were also performed. In all, there will be more than 6,000 animations in the game.



These new moves have enabled some new features highlighted in the video. Starting with Full Authentic Motion, EA Sports improved how teams move collectively to attack or defend. 

In addition, the company tried to improve the 1×1. With the new Technical Dribbling, derived from last year's ML-Flow (Machine Learning Flow), the idea was to make players cut the dribbling animation if they abruptly change direction to make the action more true-to-life and personalized. On the defenders' side, we have the ML-Jockey, which will allow smooth, quick lateral movements, step-ins, change of directions, and all the cunning needed to block the opposing team. 

New Moves for Attackers and Defenders in FIFA 2023

Everyone complains a lot about pace abuse in FIFA. With the new feature, this should be less frequent. Players will have three archetypes: Explosive, Lengthy, and Controlled, and acceleration and speed characteristics will be defined by that. It's interesting to see how the variations affect athletes' behavior.

Worth noting is the Composed Ball Striking, with more refined finishing, and the new Power Shot, a kick that needs time to charge and is entirely manual. Each shot produced a nice audible pop in the video, which I hope to have in the game.

But FIFA is not all about attacking. As a countermeasure to the Power Shot, defenders have the Hard Slide, a slide that kicks the ball far away - or the player's knee. The goalkeepers have also been redesigned, with new animations regarding realism. If the goalkeeper's vision is blocked, they will take longer to react. But given enough preparation time, the defense will be stronger and more stable.

FIFA 23 will release on September 30 on all platforms. If you don't want to stay on the bench, check our comparator for the best deals on FIFA 23 codes. Be aware that Ultimate version owners have a three-day headstart to prepare for the big leagues.

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